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Our water is reenergized.

Ausseer Wassermann.

GRIMMINGBLICK and Ausseer Wassermann - enjoy this healthy combination
throughout the hotel and in our spa area!

The water of Ausseerland is some of the
cleanest and purest of the Alpine world.

Which means, you can drink water from the faucet without giving
it a second thought. Best-quality Bad Mitterndorf spring water throughout our hotel is also reenergized using innovative Ausseer Wassermann technology. It is the only system of its kind that offers individually adjustable water implosion technology.
In this way, the water is able to completely
regain all of its natural energy.

Invigorating water and people!

Ausseer Wassermann

AKVOMED is the first open, individually adjustable water implosion system.

Ausseer Wassermann

Akvomed guarantees the quality of the most important food resource, water.

Through innovative, natural technology, it re-energizes water that is used for drinking and other purposes, restoring energy which had previously been lost due to the purification processes the water utility companies had previously put it through. Akvomed by Ausseer Wassermann re-energizes the water as well as the people who depend on it for all their drinking and household needs.

Ausseer Wassermann - re-energizes water and people - PHILOSOPHY


Ausseer Wassermann re-energizes water and people.

Quartet of Values

Harness Nature
Increase Resilience
Draw Life Energies
Promote Health


Ausseer Wassermann is the most popular system for re-energizing water worldwide.


Ausseer Wassermann. Re-energizes water and people.

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