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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a type of sport that originated in Finland.

Walking with the help of poles gives the whole body a workout - both the legs and the upper body - which makes

it around a 40% more effective form of full-body training than conventional walking.

The amount of energy expended is also greater: Instead of 280 kcal. used in traditional power walking, a Nordic walker will burn some 400 kcal. 

 per hour. Aside from the leg muscles, use of the poles loosens the shoulder and chest musculature and strengthens your arms.

This sport proudly boasts the fact that it gives 80% of our body's muscles a workout. 

In order to get the greatest benefits from this sport, powerful use of the poles is essential. In general, the poles are made of very lightweight carbon fiber. 

There are many different reasons to take up this new form of full-body exercise. You might choose Nordic walking to reduce weight and improve your overall health, or if you have joint problems, wanting to maintain good fitness throughout the year as well as reduce problems in the shoulder, back and hip areas. 

In the summer months, once-weekly guided hikes - including Nordic walking with instruction - are offered up to the Steinitzenalm by the massage department at Wellnesshaus Elisabeth in cooperation with the hotel.

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